What does the Catholic Church teach about gays and lesbians?

The Church's teaching on gays and lesbians is that the inclination toward homosexuality is not a sin, but the sexual expression of that inclination is a sin.

This may seem strange to some, but it must be understood in the light of the Church's belief (based on Scripture) that sexual expression is intended by God for marriage, alone, and that marriage is intended for only a man and a woman.

Therefore, homosexual acts are equated to other sexual acts which occur outside of marriage.

The Church calls for homosexual people to live in chastity.   It understands that this is a great trial, and asks all Christians to accept with respect, compassion and sensitivity people inclined toward homosexuality.

In reguards to clergy, or religious, the Church does not forbid homosexuals from taking vows or being ordained.

It does, however, ask of these persons the same as it does for anyone entering the religious life or clergy, and that is celibacy.

- Deacon George Kozak (6/01)

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