Liturgical Ministers - May 2008

Ascension Thursday, May 1, 5:45pm Saturday, May 3, 4:30pm
Lector: R. Morse Lector: D. Ledvina
Cantor: J. Morse Cantor: C. Bishop
Eucharistic Ministers: L. Bonavia, V. Shafer Eucharistic Ministers: D. Kane, E. Neuhauser
Altar Servers: M. & H. Rankin Altar Servers: J. Kozak, B. Pollack
Greeters: None needed Greeters: Lyndaker Family
Gift Bearers: M. & J. Antrum Gift Bearers: Hebdon Family
  Nursing Home: Deacon George Kozak
Saturday, May 10, 4:30pm Saturday, May 17, 4:30pm
Lector: N. Wannall Lector: W. Rohde
Cantor: J. Amore Cantor: M. Pollack
Eucharistic Minister: K. & P. Curry, J. Wannall Eucharistic Ministers: K. Zirbel, M. Antrum
Altar Servers: M. Pollack, D. Darling Altar Servers: B. & C. Pollack
Greeters: A. Darling, B. O’Sullivan Greeters: P. & P. Vrooman
Gift Bearers: S. Moffitt, M. Westlake Gift Bearers: Perkins Family
Nursing Home: None needed Nursing Home: K. Zirbel
Saturday, May 24, 4:30pm Saturday, May 31, 4:30pm
Lector: J. Wannall Lector: C. Darling
Cantor: J. Morse Cantor: D. Brown
Eucharistic Ministers: B. O’Sullivan, R.Morse, M. Engelmann Eucharistic Ministers: J. Amore, E. Neuhauser
Altar Servers: M. & M. Perkins Altar Servers: D. Darling, J. Antrum
Greeters: M. & T. Robinson Greeters: A. Astarita, J. Martin
Gift Bearers: I. Gutchess, F. Sovocool Gift Bearers: A. Darling, P. Fadel
Nursing Home: I. Gutchess Nursing Home: C. Bishop

Please call one of the following GROUP LEADERS if you need help finding a substitute

Lectors    Martha Antrum  898-3894
Eucharist Ministers    Kathy Curry  315-497-1612
Altar Servers    Becky Pollack  898-5774
Greeters/Gift Bearers    Fran Sovocool  898-3145
Nursing Home Min.    Linda Bonavia  898-3069
Coffee Hour    Donna Pinkowski  898-3301
Collection Counters    Need representative !

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