Youth Ministry.

Upcoming Activities:

  • Youth Group Bon fire at the Darlings Sunday, Sept 16th 7-830pm
  • SYATP Weds, 9/26 730am at Groton MS/HS Flag Pole
  • National Life Chain-Cortland, Oct 7, 2-3pm
September is National Campus Safety Awareness month. The beginning of the school year is sometimes called "the red zone" on college campuses because of the excessive drinking, assaults, hazing, and other dangers that harm and even kill unwary students. Many of these dangers also confront unwary high school students and even middle school students, too. The Web site for National Campus Safety Awareness month ( lists the following safety tips, adapted to share with teens.
  • Know safe and direct routes to school and back. Try not to walk alone after dark. If you do, use well-lit and populated routes.
  • Keep emergency numbers in your cell phone or by your landline phone, including that of your parent(s), another trusted adult, the police and your doctor.
  • Always be aware of your surroundings, including people nearby. Think about potential exit routes from an event in case of emergencies.
  • Trust your instincts, especially when you feel that something is "not right."
  • Be careful of what you post on the internet, especially online social networks like Facebook and MySpace. You can never be sure of who is viewing your personal information or pictures, including stalkers, employers, or recruiters.
  • When socializing go with a group of friends. Never accept drinks or even food from strangers as they could be easily contaminated with a drug. Never leave with a stranger.
  • Avoid being alone in areas of school that are empty or isolated.
  • If you notice another person in danger, follow your school's safety and security procedures and call 911. Do not engage another person who has a weapon or involve yourself in a fight.
Have an awesome, safe school year. btw, itís also not a bad idea to call upon St. Michael, the Archangel for his intercession and protection!!!

Ohio here we come!

This year, St. Anthony will send nine parishioners to the National Catholic Youth Conference (NCYC) in Ohio November 8 thru 11th. Our largest group ever!!! Please keep them in your prayers as they prepare for this awesome pilgrimage of faith: Amanda and DeAnna Darling, Jessy and Andrew Petrella, Megan and Eric Carey, Catherine Cardinal, and chaperones, Jeanne Petrella and Carolann Darling. They will be joined by several friends from All Saints Church and 800 from throughout our Diocese.

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